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Rented Allocations Consultation Feedback

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Details of responses received

We would like to thank everyone that took the time to take part in our Rented Allocations consultation earlier this year. We have presented the responses to our Management Committee. They have considered the feedback before agreeing the amendments to the policy which will now apply to all applicants.
The first of the changes is to allow allocating new build properties to Association tenants in the first instance using a Local Lettings Initiative (LLI). The rationale behind this decision highlights the benefits of meeting local housing need and the fact that two households can benefit from one new build property. 57% of the consultation respondents agreed with this change.
In addition, we asked about a new lettings quota, which would see a reduction of 15% of our homes offered to Orkney Islands Council and an increase from 13% to 30% to applicants on our waiting list. 75% of respondents agreed with this change.
We added further reason for being suspended from receiving an offer, to include abandonment or neglect of a property with 96% of respondents in agreement. There were some small changes to the schedule of points which meant that existing tenants were no longer awarded 5 points and clarifying requirements for people providing or receiving support. 76% agreed with these changes.
Lastly, we added a category for management transfer for tenants being subject to threats of physical violence or specific types of harassment which had agreement of 63%.
If you would like to discuss any of the above further, please contact a member of the Housing & Customer Services Team on 01856 875253.