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From time to time we ask for your comments and opinions on services you receive from us or the way in which we do things. We value your input and consider your feedback when making decisions that affect you.

For more information, please contact Suzy Boardman, Communications & Engagement Officer, by calling 01856 875253, emailing suzy.boardman@ohal.org.uk, or texting 07730 522454.

Current Consultations

Rent Consultation 2022-23

All tenants and sharing owners have been sent an information sheet and questionnaire via email or post detailing our proposals for the rent review 2022-23. We want to continue to set our rents with reference to the rate of inflation, basing the annual increase on the change in inflation as measured in September each year. We use the Retail Price Index (RPI) which is a government measure of inflation that aims to reflect the cost of living. Our Management Committee (MC) are required to review the rents the Association charges on an annual basis and decide whether it will be necessary to increase rents for the forthcoming financial year of 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023. In previous years we have set our rents at RPI only. Although this allows us to implement the objectives of our Business Plan, we are very mindful of the pressure’s tenants are currently under and have been for the past 20 months. Following the MC meeting of 1 December 2021, we would like to offer tenants the opportunity to consider a rental increase at a lower level than would normally be the case for 2022-2023. This would be as part of a three-year consultation process that would see an RPI minus 1% increase of 3.9% in year one (2022-23) followed by RPI only increases in year two (2023-24) and three (2024-2025). Our MC will carefully consider the level of inflation each year before applying any increase. Should there be a risk that level of inflation will result in charges becoming unaffordable we will re-present options to you. Further information on the rent and occupancy charge consultation can be found by clicking the link.

View Rent and Occupancy Charge Review 2022-23 Information Sheets

View the survey questions

View the SurveyMonkey page

You can complete the survey by clicking the Survey Monkey link above. The survey will close at 12 noon on Wednesday, 19 January 2022. Completing the survey and providing your contact details will see you entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a Kirkwall BID voucher.


Tenant feedback is of utmost importance to us here at OHAL. Results from the latest questionnaire on our Rent Review are shown below:

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