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From time to time we ask for your comments and opinions on services you receive from us or the way in which we do things. We value your input and consider your feedback when making decisions that affect you.

For more information, please contact Suzy Boardman, Communications & Engagement Officer, by calling 01856 875253, emailing suzy.boardman@ohal.org.uk, or texting 07730 522454.

Current Consultations

Rent/Occupancy Charges 2019-20 Consultation

Rent/Occupancy Charge Consultation for 2019-20. Information leaflets enclosed in individual mailings to tenants and sharing owners.

View Rent/Occupancy 2019-20 Consultation

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Please complete and return by Monday 5 November 2018


Tenant feedback is of utmost importance to us here at OHAL. Results from the latest questionnaire on our Rent Review are shown below:

Rent/Occupancy Charges 2019-20 Consultation
Strongly/Slightly agree to continuing to build : 85%
Neither agree or disagree to continue building
10%: 10%
Strongly or slightly disagree to continuing to build
5%: 5%
New build programme of 20 properties per year for the next 5 years. Committees preferred option
RPI + 1% (4.5%): 47%
Reducing the new build programme to 15 properties per year for the next 5 years.
RPI + 0.5% (4%): 30%
Increasing the new build programme to 25 properties per year for the next 5 years
RPI + 1.5% (5%): 23%